Living Room Design Board: Modern Classic

I asked my husband, “if I turn our new house into a blank canvas, can you help me transform it into a space of effortless beauty?” He replied “You’ve been watching too much Bob Ross on Netflix,” to which I replied “that’s ironic because you are going to be the one painting our entire house.” In a way my husband was right; I wanted to start with a clean slate in our new living room-perhaps subconsciously I was channeling Bob Ross at the beginning of an episode. But instead of strong mountains and happy trees, my blank canvas will soon contain the items I’ve listed below.

*For anyone who does not know of Bob Ross, please open another internet window and Google him. He’s the one with the perm.

cove interiors JG living room design board

  • Sofa: Don’t you just want to frog splash that sofa? I sure do! I love the single cushion and clean lines. It is well-made, although having one continuous cushion requires some fluffing every once in a while. But don’t we all?
  • Coffee table: Kid-friendly is a requirement for us so I love that this table has no corners. But style is by no means sacrificed with this one.
  • Chairs: You guys. The details on this leather chair are kickin’! The frame is held by parachute strapping made of canvas, leather, and buckles.
  • Sideboard: A simple silhouette balanced out perfectly with facaded doors.
  • Side table: The cement picks up the gray in the sofa and adds another material for more interest.
  • Rug: We already have this rug and I love it so much! Unique and modern yet classic.
  • Drapes: I have a not-so-secret love for stripes. I restrain myself from putting them everywhere, so these lucky winners are the only stripes in this room…for now.
  • Ceiling lantern: I’ve had my eye on this light fixture for a long time, but someday…someday.
  • Table lamp: I could look at this lamp all day. It adds a little edge to the room.
  • Planter: Reference the drapes section. I. Love. Stripes.
  • Vase: Apparently the third cement item on my list. It’s all about the shape on this beauty.
  • Tray: This is a nice way to corral smaller decor – candles, books, plants.
  • Pillows (from left to right):

Want your own design board? Drop me a line.

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