Born from the combination of a lifelong dream and a supportive (and unrelenting) husband, Cove Interiors came to life as an interior design studio with dual specialties in boutique-style commercial design and residential design.



Simply put, interior design is Jill’s passion. Since childhood, she has been drawn to beautiful fabrics and furniture with a story, and she has mindfully observed the way a space can make people feel. Instead of embracing her passion as a young adult she did the “smart” thing and earned her marketing degree from Miami University of Ohio. She is grateful for the business world experiences, especially when it came to account management and creative strategy for a Fortune 500 company. But if nothing else, this time in the business arena showed her true passion does not go away.


Through a serendipitous turn of events, Jill dove into the world of interior design. She worked for a firm, designing spaces for small businesses, nonprofits and residential clients with beauty and function in mind. Jill used her experience to branch out on her own. Cove interiors, named for a generations-old family haven, was born. It is the vehicle that allows her to use her passion to bring others joy through designing their space and creating their haven.